Is your email address as big as the national debt?
Tired of being a free advertisement for AOL or hotmail?

We are offering Fiero owners the opportunity to brag a bit by their email address. We will provide you with an email address of . Any mail received at this address will be bounced to your current email address or any other address you have.

The Advantages:

  • As a T-top owner, you are a member of an elite group of Fiero owners; let people know.
  • You can retain a permanent email address and change to any ISP you want. Just let us know where to forward your mail to.

We ask a one-time donation of $35. As you may know, the Fiero T-Top Registry is a negative profit venture. (We have more of our time and money invested in this than you could imagine!) We ask for this donation as a way of keeping the registry going and keeping this site online.

Sign up here:

Desired email address:
Current email address:
Your Name:
Street Address:
ZIP code:
Phone number:

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